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Lexmark Optra S 17,6K printcartridge (1382625)

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EAN: 0734646125772 Beschikbaarheid: Niet op voorraad

Optra S 17,6K printcartridge

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Lexmark Optra S 17,6K printcartridge. Printkleuren: Zwart, Land van herkomst: Mexico. Afmetingen verpakking (BxDxH): 400 x 162 x 300 mm

Design Lexmark engineered its Optra S Laser Print Cartridges as an integral component of the OptraS family of laser printers. They are designed and manufactured to meet the extraordinary demands of the OptraS laser printers. They produce consistently superb quality throughout their specified life, including 1200dpi quality printing with super smooth grayscale transitions at print speeds of up to 24 pages per minute, extremely reliable duplexing, and the ability to print on wide varieties of media from xerographic bond and card stock to transparencies and labels. The single element "Clean Hands" design of the toner cartridges assures easy, clean installation and removal.
Compatibility All Optra S laser print cartridges operate in all models of the Optra S laser printer family. This greatly simplifies ordering, inventory and user training. The Optra S 1250 and S 1650 Laser Printers ship with a 7.5K Laser Print Cartridge. The Optra S 2450 ships with a 17.6K Laser Print Cartridge. Optra S laser print cartridges will not operate with other Lexmark laser printers including the 4039, Optra, and Optra Plus printer families. If you require significant cost per page savings, see our Return Programme Cartridges.
Lexmark Return Program Cartridges Lexmark Return Program Cartridges are sold at a discount versus the prices of regular cartridges in exchange for the customer’s agreement to use the cartridge only once and return it only to Lexmark for remanufacturing or recycling. Regular cartridges without this license/agreement sold at regular prices are also available. Regular cartridges are also recyclable at no cost through Lexmark Cartridge Collection Program.
Lexmark Cartridge Collection Program Lexmark Cartridge Collection Program includes various methods of return and sponsors unique collection partnerships around the world. Collection programs are always free to the consumer and are designed to be easy to use. Country-specific instructions and shipping labels are available online. Empty cartridges may also be returned through participating Lexmark authorized supplies resellers. The Lexmark Cartridge Collection Program replaces Operation ReSource(SM) for the collection of spent Lexmark consumables. Over the past twelve years, Lexmark's focus on reducing resource consumption and waste has meant millions of laser cartridges have been recycled or otherwise reused.
Operation ReSource Operation ReSource is a free and simple way for an individual user to return empty cartridges directly to Lexmark for appropriate recycling. Each cartridge carton includes repackaging instructions for the empty cartridge and a prepaid postage label specific to each country. The user simply places the empty cartridge in the packaging and carton received with the new replacement cartridge, reseals the carton with the return label on the outside , and drops the repackaged empty in the outgoing mail for a no-cost return.
Lexmark Container Collection Programme Lexmark proposes a Container Collection Programme for a free and easy collection of the empty Lexmark laser cartridges and return to Lexmark for appropriate recycling. This programme is available for high volume users of Lexmark toner cartridges and Lexmark Resellers who wish to collect empty Lexmark cartridges as a service for their customers and to return them to Lexmark.


Paginaopbrengst 17600 pagina's
Kleur Nee

Logistieke gegevens

Gewicht pallet 177 kg


Printkleuren Zwart
Inzameling cartridges Ja
Land van herkomst Mexico
Aantal pallets 70 stuk(s)
Schatting verbruik per jaar 2 stuk(s)
Hoeveelheid per europallet 42 stuk(s)
Gewicht euro pallet 113 kg
Afmetingen Euro-pallet (B x D x H) 80 cm
Gewicht pallet 181 kg (399 lbs)
Levensduur archiefopslag 2 jaar
Afmetingen pallet (B x D x H) (imperiaal) 1219,2 x 1236 x 1016 mm (48 x 48.7 x 40")
Gewicht pallet (imperiaal) 181 kg (399 lbs)

Gewicht en omvang

Gewicht pallet 177 kg
Aantal per pallet 72 stuk(s)
Afmetingen pallet (B x D x H) 1219 x 1016 x 1262 mm


Gewicht pakket 2,3 g
Afmetingen verpakking (BxDxH) 400 x 162 x 300 mm
Gewicht met verpakking 5.2
Afmetingen verpakking (B x D x H) 400,1 x 162,1 x 300,2 mm (15.8 x 6.38 x 11.8")
Gewicht verpakking (imperiaal) 5.2

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