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Optoma SP.8LG01GC01 projectielamp (SP.8LG01GC01)

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Optoma Replacement lamp

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Optoma SP.8LG01GC01. Compatibiliteit: DS211, DX211, ES521,EX521, Vermogen lamp: 180 W

Optoma Replacement lamp for Optoma DS211

Genuine Optoma Lamps

Today, there are an increasing number of copy lamp modules on the market. Optoma strongly recommends that you fit only original Optoma lamp modules in your valuable Optoma or ThemeScene projector. Here’s why:

Why should I buy authentic Optoma lamp modules?

- Lamp modules supplied by Optoma or our authorized distributors hereafter known as “Optoma genuine lamp modules” are designed and tested to work specifically with your Optoma projector. Whilst copy lamp modules may carry original manufacturer’s bulbs, Optoma specifically screens all its lamp modules to ensure the highest quality and longevity.
- Lamp modules are made up of two parts – the bulb and the bulb holder. Optoma genuine lamp modules are designed specifically and uniquely for Optoma projectors. Copy lamp holders may contain differences that could affect the performance of your projector.
- Installing a non-Optoma genuine lamp module in an Optoma projector may void your projector's warranty. Repairs resulting from damage done by a copy lamp module may not be covered under your Optoma warranty.
Copy lamp modules may lead to reduced performance and reduced life expectancy.

How do I know if I have a genuine Optoma Lamp?
Many (but not all) Optoma lamps now come in original Optoma packaging and can be identified by this. An example of the Optoma packaging can be seen above.
All Optoma lamp packaging now carries a tamper resistant sticker such as the one illustrated here. It’s another way we’re helping you to ensure that you’ve bought a genuine Optoma lamp. If your lamp module packaging does not carry this sticker or the seal is broken or damaged it may not be a genuine Optoma lamp.


Compatibiliteit DS211, DX211, ES521,EX521
Vermogen lamp 180 W

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