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Microsoft SYST CNTR SMS DATACTSystem Center Server Management Suite Datacenter, Software Assurance, OLV level D, 1 Yr Aq Year 1, SNGL (MCD-00358)

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SYST CNTR SMS DATACTSystem Center Server Management Suite Datacenter, Software Assurance, OLV level D, 1 Year Aquired Year 1, Single Language

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Microsoft SYST CNTR SMS DATACTSystem Center Server Management Suite Datacenter, Software Assurance, OLV level D, 1 Yr Aq Year 1, SNGL

Microsoft Open Value

Microsoft Open Value and Microsoft Open Value for Government are comprehensive Microsoft Volume Licensing agreements designed for small- and medium-business (SMB) organizations with 5 to 750 desktop PCs that want a flexible and affordable way to acquire the latest Microsoft technology. Open Value and Open Value for Government provide simplified license management for more control over IT investments, better management of software costs through the advantages of Microsoft Software Assurance for Volume Licensing—which is automatically included—and company-wide and non-company-wide options.

License Type
Open Value and Open Value for Government offer perpetual licenses, which are everlasting and valid if the licensed product is being used in accordance with the license-agreement requirements. Open Value and Open Value for Government customers own their licenses and have perpetual use of the licensed products under their agreements as of the time the licenses are acquired.

Products Included
In addition to the two defined desktop platforms—Microsoft Professional Desktop Platform and Microsoft Small Business Desktop Platform—Open and Open Value for Government offer a customized “build your own platform” model that will help give customers the flexibility they want without increasing complexity. Customers can mix and match products from the three desktop platform groups:

- Microsoft Office System License and Software Assurance Packs
- Windows Desktop Operating System Upgrade License and Software Assurance Packs
- Server License and Software Assurance Packs

For the company-wide option, customers must standardize desktop platform products on all desktop PCs across their organizations and must order licenses for all qualified devices that can run any of the chosen desktop platform products. The only devices that customers need not order licenses for are computers that are used as servers; devices that contain an embedded operating system, such as thin clients and Pocket PCs; and devices that are used only for line-of-business applications, like a hotel management system.

All customers can acquire additional non-desktop platform products as specified in their license agreements. Download the most recent Microsoft Product List for Volume Licensing to see the wide selection of Microsoft software products (application, system, server, and services) available for Open Value and Open Value for Government.

Microsoft Software Assurance for Volume Licensing

Microsoft Software Assurance for Volume Licensing is a comprehensive maintenance offering that helps customers get the most out of their technology investments. It combines the latest software with phone support available 24 hours a day, partner services, training, and IT tools that help customers deploy, manage, and migrate software. Software Assurance benefits vary with each Volume Licensing program. In addition, server licenses come with benefits that are different from those for desktop licenses.

Software Assurance is included for every license acquired through Open Value and Open Value for Government and can be used immediately throughout the term of the license agreement.

Software Assurance benefits for Open Value and Open Value for Government extend across the software life cycle and cover planning, deployment, testing, usage, maintenance, and migration processes. Benefits include New Version Rights, Spread Payments, Desktop Deployment Planning Services, SharePoint Deployment Planning Services, Exchange Deployment Planning Services, Business Value Planning Services, Windows 7 Enterprise, the right to subscribe to the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack for Software Assurance, Training Vouchers, Microsoft E-Learning, Employee Purchase Program (company-wide option only), Home Use Program (for Microsoft Office system license and Software Assurance packs), 24?7 Problem-Resolution Support, Cold Backups for Disaster Recovery, TechNet Subscriptions Through Software Assurance, and Extended Hotfix Support.

Microsoft System Center

Microsoft System Center can help you to lower the cost of delivering datacenter services to your business, enabling you to meet your service level agreements without breaking your budget.

Uniquely, System Center allows you to manage physical and virtual server environments with a single set of tools, while providing solutions that are priced significantly lower than competitive solutions.

System Center helps you to:

- Automate the management of server and datacenter resources to reduce the cost of delivering mission-critical business services.
- Manage physical and virtual environments through a single solution, allowing you to remove duplicate tools.
- Simplify datacenter management through a set of familiar and integrated tools.

Core System Center datacenter solutions:

Deliver Service Health and Performance

The primary function of the datacenter has evolved to delivering the services or applications that organizations need to meet their business goals. Delivering healthy and high-performing services is key to the success of IT. System Center can help you to be successful by providing an end-to-end view of your datacenter services.

Automate Deployment and Management of Servers

With the availability of Windows Server 2008 R2, there is a great opportunity for organizations to introduce a greater level of automation in the management of their core datacenter operating system. Through the automation of key server management tasks such as deployment and patching, organizations can use System Center to scale server management while lowering costs.

Support Compliance and Manage Change

With capabilities from System Center, and our partners such as Tripwire and SecureVantage, customers are unifying compliance, desired configuration, and security audit information, and are more easily able to meet the compliance demands generated by internal and external requirements. This solution puts this critical information in the hands of the operations staff directly capable of making the required configuration and settings changes to remediate compliance issues.

Consolidate Servers Through Virtualization

Resource utilization is an increasingly important topic, and if your business is constrained by poor server and storage utilization, it's likely you're over-investing in hardware and wasting space and power, not to mention propagating operational inefficiencies. Dealing with these issues and making the most of your resources, this solution combines the excellent value in server virtualization—based on Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V—with the physical and virtual management capabilities of System Center.

Deliver Datacenter Business Continuity

The combination of physical, virtual, and cloud-based backup and recovery capabilities lower the cost of delivering business continuity. With best practices for backing up and recovering Microsoft applications and the added advantage of utilizing dynamic virtual machine Live Migration, this solution further supports the drive to ensure datacenter service performance and availability.

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