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Moxa ioLogik E2210 Active Ethernet I/O Server (IOLOGIK E2210)

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ioLogik E2210 - Active Ethernet I/O Server 12 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs

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Moxa ioLogik E2210 Active Ethernet I/O Server

Active Ethernet I/O is an exciting new breed of Ethernet I/O that introduces active I/O messaging with easy logic control. Absolutely no programming is required to configure the I/O server's control logic, due to the patented and intuitive Click&Go™ interface. Bi-directional and direct input-to-output signal communication over Ethernet is supported, and Windows/Linux APIs are included for use in both industrial automation and IT environments.

Improve system efficiency via real-time data acquisition
Unlike traditional passive Ethernet I/O, Active Ethernet I/O provides Active I/O messaging that can send message over Ethernet, TCP/IP network on I/O input status changes or meets certain condition, the message is sent to host computer. Communication between the host computer and Active Ethernet I/O device is concise and efficient. In addition, the message delivery time is 20 times faster than traditional SCADA systems (50 ms compared to 1 sec).

No programming! Hassle-free Click&Go™ logic control
Click&Go™ logic is the key to make ioLogik E2000 series become an intelligent Ethernet I/O. Click&Go?logic lets you decide when to send I/O data, and what to say to host computers for simple alarm control and messaging.
As opposed to using C-language or PLC-ladder, a person who understands basic logic concepts can do the configuration themselves, and easily finish their projects. Unlike passive Ethernet I/O architecture, you can integrate Active Ethernet I/O input signals into one event to be an integrated message, and set up local output control at the same time. The unique Click&Go?logic is a patented technology developed by Moxa.

Unique LCD Display Module for on-site configuration
ioLogik E2000 series Active Ethernet I/O provides an optional LCD display module for on-site management and configuration. The unique display module can display network and I/O settings, e.g. analog input value, digital input counter value. The IP, netmask address can be set locally without carrying a PC.

Independent Configuration for Multi-functional DI and DO points
Each digital input can be configured independently for DI or Event Counter mode, and each digital output can be independently configured for DO or Pulse Output mode.

- Instant Event Reporting by TCP/UDP/e-mail/SNMP trap
- Easy Local Control without Programming by Patented Click&Go Logic
- 12-point 24VDC digital input with DI/Event counter
- 8 points 24VDC digital output as pulse output
- 10/100Mbps Ethernet with Modbus/TCP protocol Connecting up to 10 hosts
- SNMP to I/O mapping that works with Network Management System
- Windows VB and Windows/WinCE/Linux C API
- Peer-to-Peer I/O without controller

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