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Tandberg Data 8813-RDX HDD enclosure Zwart opslagbehuizing (8813-RDX)

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EAN: 7050779088139 Beschikbaarheid: Nog slechts 9 beschikbaar!

"Tandberg RDX Internes loopwerk , black, S-ATAIII zonder Softw"

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Tandberg Data 8813-RDX. Opslag schijfgrootte: 5.25", Ondersteunde opslagstationinterfaces: SATA III. Producttype: HDD enclosure, Kleur van het product: Zwart. Mean time between failures (MTBF): 550000 uur. Gewicht: 635 g, Breedte: 146 mm, Diepte: 170,7 mm

The RDX QuikStor media-based removable storage system offers rugged, reliable and convenient storage for backup, archive, data interchange and disaster recovery. It provides enterprise performance and fast access, with transfer rates of up to 1,188 GB/hr and capacities up to 3TB per cartridge.

- Vast capacities: 500GB, 1TB, 2TB or 3TB of hard disk capacity or 128 GB or 256 GB of solid-state disk capacity on one piece of media.
- Fast access: Blistering disk-based speed and access provides up to 330 MB/s with SATA III or 260 MB/s with SuperSpeed USB3.0
- Shock-proof design: Ruggedized media
- Hardware Encryption aware
- Convenient & Secure: Expand capacity and span backups across media. Media rotation and off-site copies for archiving and peace of mind
- Mobile: The external USB3+ version can be used as a mobile storage device
- Windows-Backup support
- Interface: SATA III or USB3.0 high speed
- Greater than a 10-year archive life
- Cost-effective solution that suits all sectors from SOHO to departmental users
- Full backward and forward compatibility
- 3-year warranty: Advanced Replacement Service


RDX QuikStor combines the portability and reliability of tape-based backup with the speed and simplicity of a hard disk drive. Compact internal or external RDX drives accept pocket-sized RDX media. Your computer will recognize each cartridge and provide instant access and easy drag-and-drop control.


Write and read access is near-instant allowing users to work directly with the data on the media like one would with any other hard disk drive. With RDX capacities ranging from 500GB, 1TB, 2TB to 3TB and RDX SSD media capacities ranging from 128GB and 256GB, users have enough capacity to support a wide range of storage requirements, ensuring their data is fully protected.


RDX drives are tough, and media is shockproof and rugged enough to last more than 10 years. Knocks and drops don't mean lost data. Plus valuable data can be further protected through Tandberg Data's RCE encryption software, ensuring complete peace of mind.


The RDX media is small and durable, so slip easily into a pocket for easy transport. They can be carried to another site for use by another computer or moved off-site for archiving.


The external RDX USB3+ drive only needs a USB3.0 connection to work. It is as easy to use as an external USB disk drive but much more robust and reliable. This enables RDX for outdoor usage like scientific data collection, in the media and entertainment environment, mobile workforce or just for easy data distribution across locations.

Capacity Expansion and Media Rotation

Media Spanning to multiple RDX media allows backups to grow and to expand capacity beyond a single RDX media. All that is needed: Multiple RDX media and supporting backup software. For best practice, multiple media should be used for backup and stored off-site for disaster recovery purposes. A minimum rotation of 3 media is recommended: 1st in drive for next backup, 2nd in transit and 3rd off-site for disaster recovery.

Rack Integration with RDX QuadPAK™

The RDX QuadPAK allows up to 4 RDX external drives to be securely installed in a 19" rack to simplify backup and restore operations. This enables RDX to coexist with other IT equipment like servers, disk systems and network components in one rack.


Software encryption is supported for all RDX drives. The new SATA III drives are hardware encryption aware.

Additional Protection

RDX WORM enhances RDX for compliant archiving (optional software solution). RDX Cartridge Encryptor (RCE) is free software to encrypt data stored on RDX media.
Fixed Disk Mode for Windows Backup

RDX QuikStor provides a fixed disk mode and allows a seamless integration into windows-backup. Windows-Backup of current operating systems does not support removable media any more. Users are constrained either to refrain from an operating system upgrade, or to use a third party backup software.

Complete backup with optional AccuGuard

RDX QuikStor removable disk system and AccuGuard SoftwareTandberg Data's AccuGuard is a powerful data protection software that delivers reliable, automated backup and recovery utilizing a data deduplication engine designed to increase effective storage capacity. AccuGuard increases effective data storage by providing 20:1 deduplication, intelligently optimizing the data at the source which results in drastically improved backup windows and network bandwidth. Data retrieval is simple and painless with AccuGuard's flexible file searching, drag-and-drop recovery and point-in-time restore.

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Kleur van het product Zwart
Producttype HDD enclosure

Technische details

Overdrachtssnelheid 330 Mbit/s


Aantal storage drives ondersteund 1
Ondersteunde opslagstationinterfaces SATA III
Opslag schijfgrootte 5.25"

Poorten & interfaces

USB-aansluiting Nee

data storage devices

Mean time between failures (MTBF) 550000 uur
SATA-connector invoercycli 10000

Eisen aan de omgeving

Temperatuur, in bedrijf 10 - 40 °C
Temperatuur bij opslag -40 - 65 °C
Relatieve luchtvochtigheid, in bedrijf 20 - 80 procent
Luchtvochtigheid bij opslag 8 - 90 procent

Gewicht en omvang

Gewicht 635 g
Breedte 146 mm
Diepte 170,7 mm
Hoogte 41 mm

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